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Santa Barbara goes her history back at the beginning of the mining in San Corneli Colony.

The rearmost resurgence of this restaurant until our days , it was in the year 1985 by the family López – De Haro. In the latest revival , two pillars highly important  were Nicolasa and Juan De Haro ,who gave rise to a new and renovated Santa Barbara.

Although the outright renovation was in 2001 , following the pioneer style but with a lot more present-day air. The restaurant Santa Barbara is located in the center of town. A stone building typical of this mining colony.

Reformed frontage in its totality and with enlargements. It consists of one inside dining room  ,a reserved one and a covered terrace.

This restaurant make yourself welcome on a pleasant and rustic frame . Its situation in the heart of mining and the experience of the staff make this place the ideal address for your stays  ;individual , with family , in group , you will find the suitable room to reserve and organize your events.

Here you will find a genuine cooking  of mountain and a nice familiar treatment. Santa Barbara submissive  to its splendour of the leading years it offers to people one immersion on the  cooking.

We don’t talk about design , we refer to the pleasure of the taste.